Major General, Dr. Suleiman bin Muhammad Abdullah Al-Malek


  • 1396 H, Bacehlor of Sceince in Military Sciences, King Abdulaziz Military Academy, Riyadh
  • 1400 H, Bachelor of Sceince in Economics and Management, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah (with first honor degree).
  • 1404 H, Master's in Business Administration.
  • 1410 H, PhD in Business Administration, Major: Strategic Business Administration (with first honor degree).


  • 1396-1399 H, Air Defense (Tabuk).
  • 1399-1402 H, (Land Forces (Riyadh).
  • 1402-1409 H, Scholarship officer for Master's and PhD degrees in business administration.
  •  1410 H, Officer of Planning and Programs, Department of Planning and Budget of armed forces.
  • 1411 H, Staff of administration and assistant commander of armored infantry battalion, 4th armored brigade, and participated in liberating Kuwait.
  • 1412-1417 H, Director of Planning and Programs, Department of Planning and Budget. Participated effectively in setting up the five-year plan of the Land Forces.
  • 1418-1424 H, Director of Budget, Department of Planning and Budget. Chairperson of the Committee charged with setting up and discussing budget of the armed forces and the person responsible for organizing, reviewing and following up the military agreements for all Land Forces arms with the US government.
  • 1424-1428 H, Assistant Commander of Military Language Institute, Riyadh.
  • 1428-1434 H, Director General of General Directorate of Retired Armed Forces Personnel and the representative of Ministry of Defense (MOD) in the Higher Committee for upgrading the Civil and Military Pension Systems.
  • 1434-1436 H, Chairperson of Armed Forces Management Commission and representative of MOD in the preparation committee of the Military Service Council.
  • 1436 H – present, Director General of General Directorate of Armed Forces for Medical Services.
  • Member of the Council of Cooperative Healthcare Insurance.







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