Project Features
  • Connectivity: SHIB will electronically connect all payers and providers by creating digital health insurance community/network.
  • Interoperability: SHIB will be developed in alignment wit​h CCHI DICTIONARY  using nation​al coding and transaction standards.
  • Capability: SHIB will have the capacity to handle large number of transaction swiftly leveraging new technology and global best practices.
  • Security: SHIB will be secure at all layers (Physical, infrastructure, application, and data) ensuring patient confidentiality and business integrity.
  • Scalability: SHIB with an open architecture will support scaling horizontally or vertically and all authorized stakeholders will be able to smoothly access the SHIB.
  • Accountability: SHIB will provide real time data for analysis and reporting specifically on booth regulatory and fraud management.
Last Update : 12/20/2016 7:43 PM