Integration with SHIB

​​The specifications for the IT systems to support the integration with the SHIB :

  1. Integration capability using web services based on SOAP over HTTP(s)
  2. Support for web services interoperability standards (WS-I)
  3. Log of all health insurance transaction that can facilitate the audit and troubleshooting of transactions
  4. Support data transmission using HL7 protocol version 3.0
  5. High availability of the systems (At least 99% up time)
  6. Provisioning of a test environment to support conducting the integration during the onboarding of the HCP to  SHIB
  7. Compliance with the clinical coding standards as outlined below:
    • Diagnosis: ICD-10 AM, version6
    • Procedure: ACHI, version
    • Laboratory Orders/Results: LOINC, version 2.38
    • Clinical Observations: LOINC, version 2.38
    • Digital Imaging: DICOM, version 3.0
    • Dental Diagnosis: ICD-10 AM, version 6
    • Dental Tooth Identification: FDI Two-Digit
    • Eye Care Diagnosis: ICD-10 AM, version 6
    • Eye Care Procedure: ACHI, version 6
    • Pharmaceutical/Drug Codes: SFDA Registration Code
Last Update : 11/30/2016 6:58 PM