Dr. Abdullah bin Ibrahim bin Mohammed Al-Sharif


  • 05/09/1404 H, Bacehlor of Sceince in Medicine and Surgery, King Saud University.
  • 08/10/1404 H - 07/10/1405 H, Internship year, Al-Dahran Medical Center, Saudi Aramco.
  • 14/02/1408 H, Diploma in Pediatrics, the pediatrics program sposnored by the Ministery of Health (Riyadh) in association with the University of Edinburgh, Britain.
  • 08/04/1413 H, Fellowship of King Faisal University (PhD in Medicine), in Family and Community Medicine.
  • 2008, Master's degree in Healthcare Administration, University of Washington, St. Lewis, USA,.
  • 01-15 March, 2008, Training Course in Social Health Insurance, organized by the International Labor Organization, Torino, Italy.
  • 08-18 October, 2007, Training Course in Health Systems and Social Health Insurance, organized by the Korean Ministry of Health and World Bank, Seoul, South Korea.  


  • 02/06/1436 H- present, advisor of the minister of health
  • 01/02/1427 H- 30/05/1436 H, secretary general of the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance.
  • 01/08/1424 H-30/01/1427 H, assistant deputy minister for curative medicine.
  • 11/03/1424 H-29/07/1424 H, Director General of Health Affairs, Riyadh.
  • 01/08/1422 H-10/03/1424 H, Director General of Hospitals in the Ministry of Health.
  • 01/05/1418 H-30/07/1422 H, Director General of Health Affairs, Asir Region.
  • 01/08/1417 H-30/04/1418 H, Director of Al-Qatif Central Hospital.
  • 17/02/1413 H- 30/07/1417 H, General Supervisor of Al-Amal Hospital, Dammam.

Clinical activities:

  • 08/10/1404 H-07/10/1405 H,  Internship at Al-Dahran Medical Center, Sadui Aramco.
  • Thulqida 1405 H- 1407 H, trainee at the Maternity and Children Hospital in Dammam.
  • 08/02/1407 H- 14/02/1408 H, trainee at the Maternity and Children Hospital in Riyadh (pediatrics program diploma).
  • 12/05/1408 H-10/02/1413 H, trainee at King Fahad University Hospital and Family and Community Medicine clinics in King Faisal University, Khubar (fellowship program in Family and Community Medicine).


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